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You deserve to have the right specialist for your assignment!

Getting your message across in todays highly competitive market has never been more important. You specialise in creating your brand image and we specialise in helping you bring that image and message to life. Let us take the hard work of selecting the right person for you We know any event takes an extensive amount of effort prior to the day but once running you don’t want to be focused upon the performance of your photographer. That’s why we bring people who understand your needs, and how to complete your project with a minimum of fuss. Below are only some of the areas we specialise in. If you have photo requirements in another area please let us know and we can discuss your needs. If we don’t have the right photographer for your assignment we will always let you know.


When the opportunity arises for your executives to showcase your organisation you need the right person there to capture the moment.....   Our photographers have mastered the ability to secure the essential images you require to promote your company and your executives in the best light. The images they create ensure that you are able to maximise the marketing potential of these rare opportunities. Our photographers have years of experience within this discipline and they have learnt it’s not just photographic skill that ensures a quality product. It’s also the ability to forward plan to be in the right place to ensure the images you receive are perfectly tailored to the brief we receive.


We realise that not only is the event important but the ability to promote it is critical.....   The mileage that can be obtained from having an engaging high quality image can be immense. The better the quality the greater the chance that your story and event will be run by media organisations. Our photographers understand this fact and know how to position themselves to get the shot. When you only have a moment to get it right you really need to have the right photographer working for you.

Annual General Reports

When your working to capture and harness investor confidence and support its crucial to have the right photographers on hand to bring your vision to life..... Working to a brief and offering productive creativity are only two of the many important skills that photographers must have within this field. Interior images, exterior images, head shots and industry photography are only a few of the styles that are represented within these assignments. We bring together the people to capture each style with skill and vison . Whether your a government department or a corporate looking for your message to leap put from your competitors, we have a range of photographers with skills suited to each area of photography available.  

Gala Dinners

We know you put an extensive effort into creating these events..... We also know that once the event is finished the images are the marketing tool that live on. This style of event is always highly promoted and a professional image is one of the best ways to do it. Our photographers have extensive experience with regards to photographing your staff, your clients and your effort and capturing it for the future. We have found that its best to utilize photographers who are passionate about this discipline to ensure quality images. When you want to put your best foot forward to the industry and your clients ensure that you have an event specialist assigned to you  

Corporate Portraits

Portrait photography is a skilled discipline unto itself..... Mastering lighting, effective equipment usage and image framing are skills that take many years to perfect. This is the discipline where you need all of those skills to combine perfectly. We know we have only a short period of time to capture the images of your executives and we know those images will sell their story to your customers, clients, and investor base long into the future. We also know the images created are going to be a reflection upon your efforts and that these images are an opportunity to impress your management. When your dealing with time poor executives and you have to get the job done perfectly the first time then we only choose experienced portrait photographers to work with you.  


We know you have gone to great lengths and expense to find the right speaker to promote your organisation..... And we know you don’t want that value to end when the presentation is over. Our photographers specialise in ensuring that the images they capture will effectively promote the event long after the presentations are finished. There are many technical issues a photographer has to master to create a top flight images within this discipline. Poor lighting, moving subjects, logo inclusion are only a few of the problems that can pose a challenge to an inexperienced photographer. The photographers we work within this discipline have extensive event portfolios and they are ready to bring that experience to your organisation.  

Exhibitions & Trade Shows

Transitioning from event to event and dealing with changing circumstances requires a completely different style of photographer to many other specialisations..... The ability to work with people is a critical trait that many photographers lack but is a requirement when working with your staff, clients and the public. We when are on site we know our interaction is a reflection upon your company, and our photographers go to great lengths to ensure your organsiations reputation is held in the highest regard. Our photographers know when to fade into the background and when to step up to ensure that you get the images you require without interfering with your event.  

Awards Presentations

Your Staff and Clients have put the effort in for the year and now it's time to enjoy the moment..... Our photographers know that you want to capture that moment and they also know your staff and clients are there to celebrate their success. This is where an experienced professional photographer makes all the difference. Their knowledge ensures that you can be sure they will be a positive addition to your event and not detracting influence. We have always been surprised when clients have told us stories of intrusive photographers. We have gone to great lengths to ensure our people possess the correct skill set to ensure the perfect interaction every time.  

Product Shots

Businesses are always looking for that competitive edge when showcasing their products..... Our photographers can provide you with that edge. You may require creative flair or for us to work to a strict brief so you need specialists with extensive backgrounds in providing images for product promotion. The correct choice of translucent lightboxes to create soft and diffused light, seamless white backgrounds or the effective use of props are all options at the disposal of an experienced product photographer. Which product and style to use for each product and their respective medium is something that is only gained by experience in the field. Whether the image is for your website, in house marketing, catalogues, pamphlets or an on- air commercial we have a range of professional photographers to suit your budget.  


The creativity required to make your operation, brand or staff image stand out from the rest is a key trait that our photographers possess..... It’s a critical factor for this style of photography. You have a vision and our photographers are there to bring it to life. They also know the images they produce are extremely important to you and will send the message out to the market for years to come. We select the photographers in this discipline based on their ability to capture the image that lasts the distance and conveys a message to your customers that you and your staff can be proud of.  

Outdoor & Sporting Events

Fast paced high speed action means you need a photographer that can keep up with the pace while composing an image that won’t let your brand fade into the background..... Whether you require a photojournalistic or vernacular style we have photographers to suit your budget and requirements. With everything happening in a split second you need a photographer that can think ahead and capture that iconic image. That’s why we have carefully selected the photographers within this discipline to ensure you receive the images that you need and deserve.  

Staff Parties &Team building events

Staff motivation is a key part of any business and staff events can be expensive..... Having the right photographer to capture the critical moments ensures that your event lives on in the minds on your staff well after its finished. Everybody wants to be seen in the right light and having a photographer that make your staff feel and look comfortable is a critical factor. These events add huge value to your employees overall company satisfaction. Our photographers are skilled at catching the moment that will help you to communicate the enjoyment and happiness that only comes from being part of the team.  

Live Performances

Low light, moving subjects, crowds, limited access points and big egos we’ve seen it all and know what it takes to cast your performers in the best light..... The photographers we have selected have extensive portfolios with regards to working with live performances. Anticipating the action and the split second reflex ability to secure the emotion, intensity and charisma of a live performance is something that only comes with time and passion. With so much activity happening in the background an inexperienced photographer may not know even how to navigate their way around the event. Our photographers have this experience and know and how to be in the right place at the right time.  

Celebrity Events

We realise that not only is the day important but the ability to promote it well after the event is finished is critical..... The mileage that can be obtained from having an interesting and high quality image can be immense. The better the quality the greater the chance that your story and event will be run by media organisations. Our photographers understand this fact and know how to position themselves to get the shot. When you only have a moment to get it right you really need to have the right person working for you.  

Arts & Cultural events

The photographers we work with have years of experience working with these styles of event..... There are many pitfalls that the inexperienced photographer can fall into. Our photographers know how to position themselves to best use the available lighting to produce perfect results. Whether it’s a street performance, art shows, museum promotions or photographing fine art for reproduction we have the specialist with the skills you need to secure outstanding images every time.